“In Born Under the Gaslight, Cindy Collins has succinctly and vividly portrayed a woman struggling to emerge from a legacy of abuse and trauma occurring against a fundamentally “crazymaking” backdrop. The writing is brutally honest, and the story is heartbreaking as we hear of a life lived in a pinball machine, punctuated by chaos, turbulent relationships, job instability, and other hallmark challenges of borderline personality disorder. Gradually, Collins’ path to recovery becomes clearer, showing the importance of love, compassion, and connection in her personal life and therapy. I highly recommend this memoir as an honest, frank portrayal of the challenges many people with borderline personality disorder face.”

-Alexander L. Chapman, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Born Under Gaslight is a story that showcases Collins’ growth and ability to make her way out of an abusive past and how she came to the point in her life where she could live easier. She discusses having been born into abuse and then finding herself living homeless, later dealing drugs, and ultimately recovering through dialectic behavioral therapy. Collins has given readers such a deep glimpse into her life that they are able to fully connect with her and see her growth. This is a story of power and finding a way to help yourself.”

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“Children are born to parents and are supposed to be nurtured and protected. Their lives should be filled with smiles, hugs, love and opportunities to grow. What happens when two parents are so callus, unfeeling, uncaring and more than negligent? How does a young child cope with family abuse, hidden truths she is supposed to keep tucked away, parents that do not care about her safety and well being, she becomes a breeding ground for Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a story that will open your eyes to what needed to be done at the time and the fears she faced even when she spoke out and asked for help.”

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“If you read one book this year let it be this one!” 

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“I’ve read many books on borderline personality disorder, and Born Under the Gaslight has been my favorite so far! While most books on BPD tend to focus on how to “fix” us or how to help others “deal with” us, this memoir gives you a first-hand look at how other people’s words and actions have an impact on us, and how we internalize it. This isn’t a typical mental health story with a ton of medical jargon and confusing comparisons. It’s a true page-turner, thrilling and hilarious, yet heartbreaking and vulnerable. It’s like looking through a keyhole into the mind of someone suffering. I read it in one sitting!”

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“I read this book after hearing the author being interviewed on a local radio program. I found her story disturbing yet interesting. I had to keep reminding myself this was a true story and not something made up for a horror film. I cannot fathom ever treating your child the way Cindy’s mom treated her. My hope is that Cindy continues to heal. Thank you for telling your story and helping others while doing so.”

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“I have consumed more self improvement non-fiction in my life than I can count, and this book is going to have more of an effect on me than everything else put together. Although I do not have BPD, I am on the trauma-caused “dissociation spectrum”, and I can see so much of myself reflected in Cindy’s story that it’s kind of scary. The very next book I have started on after this is a DBT workbook. I have a lot to unpack from inside myself after this book. If you had a narcissistic or neglectful parent, were bullied in school, or otherwise were subjected to emotional, physical, or sexual trauma as a child, you owe it to that wounded child inside yourself to read this book.”

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