Ohioana Book Festival

One of my main priorities for my book was ensuring that it was available to as many libraries as possible. My book is about the struggle of living with the disability of Borderline Personality Disorder. I wanted it accessible to those who struggle with mental health. As someone who is a constant job flipper from having Borderline Personality Disorder, I understand how having mental health struggles impacts finances. This is why it is so important to have this book in as many libraries as possible. I am grateful to those fans that have requested my book in their local library. It is a small, yet simple, way to help those that struggle with mental health.

Born Under the Gaslight has been accepted into NetGalley. It was distributed through this program to over 440K libraries, including my home town library. But now, oh now…the book has been accepted for the Ohioana! For those that don’t know….

The Ohioana Library Association was founded in 1929 by Ohio First Lady Martha Kinney Cooper to collect, preserve, and promote the works of Ohio authors, artists, and musicians. By the early 1930s the Library had outgrown its space in the Governor’s Mansion and moved into the new State Office Building at 65 S. Front Street, where it remained until 2001. Ohioana and the State Library of Ohio then moved to the renovated Jeffrey Mining Corporate Center near downtown Columbus. Today the Library’s holdings include more than 45,000 books by or about Ohioans; 10,000 pieces of sheet music; biographical files on notable Ohioans; personal papers of Ohio authors and artists; and numerous scrapbooks created by Ohio civic and cultural organizations. The collection does not circulate, but is available for in-library use.


This year’s book festival cover was created by Tom Batiuk. He is an American comic strip writer, best known for the comics Funky Winkerbean and John Darling. It was during the cover reveal that they also listed Ohio authors to be featured at this year’s Ohioana. Seeing my name on the list was surreal. My book is now included in the library for the state of Ohio!

This book will be a part of Ohio’s history. There is something moving about this idea. Long after I’m gone, people will be able to access this book and know:

You can have happiness after a life of abuse. You can achieve great things despite having a disability. Although you feel alone in your sorrow and struggles, there are others who share in your pain. There are others that are available for help and can offer hope.

Keep the faith my BPD warriors. I’m glad for each and every single day that you wake up and are willing to face the world. You have more strength than most will ever know. This personal win is a win for all BPD people everywhere. It’s one more publication out in the world, working on ending our stigma.

I hope you all can join me for this amazing event from April 23-25th. You can also follow my twitter feed for event detail updates.

Free Book Giveaway!

I love giving books away. Last time the book was listed as free, thousands were downloaded throughout multiple countries. Let’s do it again! This Monday January 25th through Wednesday the 27th, Born Under the Gaslight eBook will be listed for free in the US and UK on Amazon. All this week I have been distributing audiobook codes for a free audiobook version. As always, message me if interested in a free code. I have been very fortunate in sales so I like to give back via free products.

I will say that if you get a free audiobook code, please be kind and considerate when leaving a review. My narrator worked very hard on this project and struggles with mental health. Always be honest with reviews but never cruel. Those that battle mental health have already been dealt enough cruelty.

A reminder that Born Under the Gaslight is available on Netgalley. It’s been uploaded to 440,000 libraries nationwide in the US. If you miss out on the free download, please know my book is always available to be ordered in at your local library. Those that struggle with mental health often struggle with employment. This is why it’s always important that a free copy be available to all in need.

One of my biggest honors was having my hometown library add my book into their inventory. It went over so well that they relocated it to the largest library in the county. Seeing my book discussed in my hometown Facebook groups and covered by the newspaper has been rewarding. It has led to people reaching out to me that I haven’t known since childhood. People I went to church with as a child have tracked me down to discuss my book. Relatives that I never knew, have reached out to build a bridge. One person surprised me by saying how they had always suspected Munchausen by Proxy as an issue in my family. Some shared knowledge with me that I was unaware of. They agreed to have their information printed in my next book. They stated how they are too scared, and unsure of how to discuss this book with the book’s antagonist. But at least they were brave enough to reach out to me and discuss things. It’s not always easy standing up. It is easier to stand up when you have a large support group behind you. I find comfort in knowing that I’m not standing alone.

Hollywood has been calling but due to Covid, I can’t answer.

I got asked to be a guest on a Podcast in LA! I have never been to California but could use a break from this cold weather. Their recent guest was Jameela Jamil (Tahani) from the tv show The Good Place. She was discussing her battle with depression. I would have loved to join but I am housebound for fear of Covid. My history of asthma makes me proceed with caution on event attendance.

I also got notified that my book was sent to Pete Davidson! I enjoy watching him on Saturday Night Live. I’m so happy that he is raising awareness for Borderline Personality Disorder. I think celebrities openly discussing their struggle with mental health is amazing.

All this good news has been inspiring. I have finally started writing my next book. I was in the research phase for a bit. I had boxes of childhood items and documents to go through, figuring out the angle of my next book. I’m excited about where it’s going to go. This next one is going to have documents scanned in. Some will be shocked at what skeletons I will be pulling out for the next book. Hold onto your hats, it’s gonna be a good one.

I’m hoping to have it finished by May, but that deadline seems a bit tight. Maybe it will randomly published exactly 7 months from now on August 23rd. Who knows! It will be done when it’s done. I do enjoy the excitement that everyone expresses at the idea of a sequel. The next book is already shaping up to be longer than my first book.

This has been one crazy ride and it’s not even over. Thank you to all those that send me lovely supportive emails. I treasure them all. This has been a long, random ramble but I wanted to update those that have been asking about book progress. I’m going to end this with a quote and remind you that you are not alone.

“You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage.” -Alex Elle

Upcoming News

I have my interview scheduled for tomorrow! My book was chosen to be included in a collaboration with Dr. Jan Yager. This is huge. It will be distributed through her major publisher November 2021. Parts of the book will be included in Dr. Yager’s book along with parts of my interview. Of course the book will be referenced in the credits as well. The coverage and distribution of this project will be larger than anything done before. This says a lot considering Born Under the Gaslight has already sold in multiple countries and achieved Amazon’s Best Seller status for Personality Disorders in US, UK and Germany.

I am thrilled to have met the most amazing people during this project. It has been my privilege to work with these exceptional people on changing the world through education.

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