Ohioana Book Festival

One of my main priorities for my book was ensuring that it was available to as many libraries as possible. My book is about the struggle of living with the disability of Borderline Personality Disorder. I wanted it accessible to those who struggle with mental health. As someone who is a constant job flipper fromContinue reading “Ohioana Book Festival”

Free Book Giveaway!

I love giving books away. Last time the book was listed as free, thousands were downloaded throughout multiple countries. Let’s do it again! This Monday January 25th through Wednesday the 27th, Born Under the Gaslight eBook will be listed for free in the US and UK on Amazon. All this week I have been distributingContinue reading “Free Book Giveaway!”

Upcoming News

I have my interview scheduled for tomorrow! My book was chosen to be included in a collaboration with Dr. Jan Yager. This is huge. It will be distributed through her major publisher November 2021. Parts of the book will be included in Dr. Yager’s book along with parts of my interview. Of course the bookContinue reading “Upcoming News”